Posy (po-zee), n., pl -sies. 1. A flower, nosegay, or bouquet.
2. Archaic. A brief verse or sentimental phrase, especially one inscribed on a trinket or ring.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dropped my basket. . . . .

Goodness.  It has definitely been a while.

A quiet Saturday afternoon trying to understand our new computer and checking in on some of my favorite, long missed friends.

As for my absence, thankfully no serious physical illness, but in looking back over the past several months -- all of the following idioms are appropriate: dropped my basket; went loco, dippy and gaga; was not playing with a full deck; fell completely out of my tree; nuttier than a pecan pie; has straight jacket in every color; a sandwich short of a picnic; as crazy as a Betsey bug?; the lift doesn’t go to the top floor; around the bend; psychologically challenged, and “quite simply mad darling.”

I thank my family and all of you for your continued patience and understanding.