Posy (po-zee), n., pl -sies. 1. A flower, nosegay, or bouquet.
2. Archaic. A brief verse or sentimental phrase, especially one inscribed on a trinket or ring.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Soggy Doggy

Beautiful, happy Saturday!!

We enjoyed a drenching rain yesterday evening, complete with the violent South Florida
lightning and thunder. 

While she is bothered by the thunder, Posy does revel in running with wild abandon through wet, soggy grass (beyond human comprehension) the next day.

Any dog owner knows a rain can magnify scents of bunnies and possums and raccoons, and heaven  knows what else, to extreme olfactory levels.  A canine's true bliss!

Hmmm.  Hunting in the ficus hedge again?

Bath time!  

So, I will leave you with a couple of photos
also taken this morning of a cactus bloom settling down for a good day's rest and the Royal Poinciana tree against a sumptuous blue sky.

Enjoy a beautiful weekend.

P.S.  Not sure how these photos will look, products of camera de cheap and poor photographer to boot.

P.P.S.   Just used the "updated blogger editor" - it was a breeze for photo placement and the preview is outstanding!


  1. Hey there. Ihave gone 3G on my iPad and we are en route to our cabin in big bear for the week. I am typing in the car. Woohoo! I have gone online to find that there is a yarn shop up there too. Your dog gin is adorable. we have our sweetie wheat with us. Have a gReat weekend!

  2. Hi Linda,
    You are settling into this bloggy world just great!
    I was interested to see the Ponciana tree in your recent post. Where I live we have lots of these lovely trees. I wrote a post about them here
    Blogging is a great way to learn about the world, isn't it?

  3. Hi Linda ! Lovely picture.I love nature.Thank you for visiting.The pincushion is a Competition we do every MONTH where everyone at the end of the month has to Post the pattern the person in charge of the Pattern and the event post or had post for everybody who had sign in.It is cool .Thanks and have a nice Sunday,Hugs.


  4. Hi Linda! And Posy! Nice to find your blog via gephart836! Blogging is just the best fun ever! Looking forward to seeing the lovely things you create! XX

  5. Hi Linda,
    Apologies for not getting to you sooner.
    I am so pleased you have posted some photos of Posy! Such lovely photos.
    I think you have got things 'Blogger wise' sussed out better than me. I struggle with these things. Photos never go where you want them to go.
    You're doing very well with your Blog and I'm so looking forward to it.
    Thanks for stopping by SIBOL.Your comments are always so appreciated.
    Hugs Suex

  6. Hi! It was lovely to get your comment over at Amanda Makes. I'm only sorry that you found me feeling so down! I promise it isn't normally like that over here. I'll buck up very soon! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  7. Hi Linda! I so appreciated your visit to my blog and your sweet comments. I hope you visit me often!

    Posy is a real cutie! There is no way my Noah would sit still with a leaf on his head...he'd be shaking those floppy ears of his until his brains rattled! :o)

    I think your photos are pretty darn great. You definitely won't be taking away my title of "Queen of the Awful Photos"! LOL!!!!

    Have a great day, and I'll be keeping up with you as I am now a follower, too!



  8. Hi Linda, Thank you for your comments on my blog! Posy looks like she has really enjoyed her run! Hope you and Posy have a happy Sunday too!
    Lucy xx

  9. Gorgeous photos!! Can't go wrong with a subject like that.

  10. Thanks for stopping by Linda and leaving your lovely comments. Sounds like you have a dog who knows she's a dog there. Ours (Alfie Blue) is a Pug who has no sense of smell or rolling in messy stuff urges. He does lick his paws endlessly though and can't stop looking for food. More like a cat really.

    Hope you keep enjoying this blogging lark.
    Lisa x

  11. Hi! Thank you for stopping by and leaving lovely comments on my blog! Your dog is very sweet! We have a dog you is terrified of thunder storms, she lets us know they are coming long before we hear or see them! Can't wait to see your lovely creations on your blog.