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Friday, September 17, 2010

Grassy Waters Preserve

I drive past the Grassy Waters Preserve each day on my way to and from my office on Singer Island.  Just south of Northlake Boulevard, this portion of the preserve is sawgrass  prairie and cypress marsh.  Our wetlands are so very important, and sometimes I fear that encroaching “progress” and urban sprawl may be inevitable, which, unfortunately, is not something new to us in Florida.  But at least for the time being, this little preserve seems to be doing fine.  
Northlake Boulevard was built on a former railway line from long ago.
Today I decided to stop on the way home and take a nice walk on the boardwalk trails. 
Drinking water in the City of West Palm Beach originates from Grassy Waters (!) and is home to all kinds of fish and wildlife.  This is the headwaters of the Loxahatchee River system, which eventually makes its way south to the Everglades, which is not far from here.  This afternoon I was lucky to get a photo of a red-shouldered hawk.  The photo didn’t turn out well but I was so excited to see this beautiful creature:
Grassy Waters 12
My house is about six miles from the preserve and there are many canals around the Acreage that funnel the water from our yards to the preserve, like these: 
With all the seemingly endless “progress” in Palm Beach County, I feel lucky to “live out in the sticks.”


  1. Lucky you. Such lovely photos and makes your drive very enjoyable I'd say.

  2. What a beautiful place! I know how you feel about the wetlands. Being a native of Southern Louisiana, I am so worried about what that oil spill has done to the fragile eco system along the Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida coast lines, and especially the wetlands in Southern Louisiana. "Progress" a lot of times is a dirty word in my vocabulary! :o(



  3. It's so nice to see nature in the middle the city. Thank you for sharing.


  4. We often don't appreciate what we have just down the street and in this case you appear to have won the jackpot.
    It does look pretty and I'm glad it has been preserved.

  5. Cool!! I am a birding enthusiast, and this would be a great spot for getting pics of them!!! Very peaceful I bet!!

  6. I bet it is hot as heck, but nature is nature....
    Linda, we are gonna be posting Fall pics soon on the Post

  7. I love wild places like that. It looks interesting and tranquil. I love Leighton Moss wetlands which is about 2hrs drive from where I live - it has lots of birds and my mum sometimes takes me there.
    Lucy xx

  8. This looks like a very beautiful area, I think you're lucky to have all that wildlife almost on you doorstep. Lovely photos.

  9. Lovely images, dear Linda!!! How beautiful the place you live!!!
    Wish you have the best weekend ever!!! Bela.

  10. Hey how are ya? Where are ya? You ok? Love the wetlands pics. You didn't get swallowed up by a crocodile did you? Cindy

  11. I thought I left you a comment before, but no sign. Nevermind.
    Cant get a mail through to you,
    Computer problems still Posy LInda?
    Do stop by when you are 'available'.
    Hugs suex

  12. Oh my gosh that bird is Blue!! SO pretty. Thanks for having me. Hugs. Tammy

  13. Beautiful pictures ...but I´m missing you.It´s being so long don´t know about you.Hoping you and your family are fine.
    Blessings !