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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lilla Hyttnas: a home and art

Lilla Hyttnas was given to the beloved Swedish painter Carl Larsson and his wife Karin Bergoo Larsson by Karin’s father in 1888.
Lilla Hyttnas is nestled next to a lake in Sundborn north of Stockholm Sweden.  This house, in my opinion, speaks volumes about Carl and Karin Larsson.  Unlike the popular decorating style of the era this house is colorful, light and airy and many of the furnishings were designed by them.
Larsson’s watercolors depicting simple everyday things with smiling children are some of my favorites.  The following is called Brita’s Little Nap:
woman reading c larsson
“Woman Lying on a Bench”
For better views of Carl Larsson’s other works you can visit WikiGallery.Org.
The Larsson home is still owned by the family and is open to the public from May through September for guided tours.  There are quite a few Larsson Home YouTube selections about the garden if you are interested.
Also, I found a property located in North Carolina  that is listed for sale on that was definitely done in the Larsson style:


  1. I hadn't heard of that style. Will have to keep my eyes peeled from now on!

  2. Such a lovely bright way of painting and style of decorating. I must remember this for future school art projects!
    Lucy xx

  3. Very interesting! You learn some good Stuff in blogland don't you?

  4. How very interesting. I love that cute, colorful cottage! I'm going to have to ask hubby (he's an artist) if he knows about Carl Larsson...I like his style!



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  6. Hi Linda,
    So many apologies to you for not popping over. I have been so busy this week with my blankets for SIBOL. I'm hoping good news on SIBOL tomorrow for you all.
    This is such an informative post, and I just love the photos.
    Hope all is well with you,
    Love suex

  7. Bright and cheery!!
    Hope your Thursday is a lovely one so far, Linda xxx

  8. So pretty learning here, Linda!!! Thanks so much!!! The paintings are bright!!
    Kisses!! Bela.