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2. Archaic. A brief verse or sentimental phrase, especially one inscribed on a trinket or ring.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Inspirations from Peruvian Connection

The Peruvian Connection company was started as a mail order business specializing in textiles made from the luxury fibers of alpaca and pima cotton.  According to Wikipedia, Annie Hurlbut visited Peru and found a sweater with an alpaca fur-lined collar for her Mother’s birthday.  Biddy Hurlbut showed that sweater to a buyer who wanted 45 more.

I’m always on the lookout for handmade textiles and Peruvian Connection works with cottage industries in Peru.  These artisans make beautiful items by hand.  If you are interested, take a look at the Peruvian Connection websites for the US, UK and Germany, as well as their blog at

These bags and accessories are creative and full of detail:

My favorites are the Floral Skirt from 2008, Pima Cotton Doily Scarf and the Bella Cardigan:

I know you’ll find something to inspire you!


  1. the scarf looks beautiful. :) Thanks for sharing this information. :)

  2. One of my best friends is from Piura Peru, and she brings me wonderful things from her home land. I have sweaters to die for!!

  3. Fascinating, especially the scarf and the flower bag! :)

  4. Lovely Fall-like post. The scarf is gorgeous. I have a thing for bags, so the bag is ADORABLE too.
    Enjoy the new week. xxx

  5. .... I just saw I did not follow you officially yet, from now on I DO! Hugs for a great week xxxx

  6. Hi Linda, very nice ideas for the fall.
    I love the bags!
    Thanks for sharing, I had not heard about Peruvian before.
    Hugs xxx

  7. All so lovely , thanks for telling us about these !

  8. Beautiful items and yes, lots of inspiration. Thanks for your wonderful comments as always.

  9. Such beautiful and intricate designs! I love the flower theme.
    Lucy xx

  10. I love the crochet scarf especially, it's so pretty! Thank you for visiting my blog too. I appreciated your kind comment. =)

  11. Great ideas for the fall.
    I love the crochet

  12. Hi Linda ! Thank You for being so nice .I'm agree with you in reference of this article.Thanks for the link.I have been son busy at work ,hardly have time to visit all my friends .
    Now I'm watching my TV shows and visiting for a while .Thanks for visiting ,your comments are making my days happier.Thanks and Blessings.!



  13. Hi Linda and posy, I hope your week is great so far!
    Hugs for the rest of the week. xxooxx

  14. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for this information. What gorgeous things I shall be popping over to check them out. I have sent you another invite by the way. I look forward to your post.
    Love Suex

  15. Hi, Linda!! I do love the colors and the crochet sooo much!! The scarf is gorgeous!!!

    Wish you have a sweet weekend, Linda!! Bela.

  16. Thanks for sharing those Linda. They are gorgeous! I'll have to go take a look. :)

  17. Thanks for the inspiration. It all is beautiful!