Posy (po-zee), n., pl -sies. 1. A flower, nosegay, or bouquet.
2. Archaic. A brief verse or sentimental phrase, especially one inscribed on a trinket or ring.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Crochet Envy….The Garden Bell

I had planned something else for today.   But after visiting The Garden Bell...... I was filled with serious crochet envy....You must absolutely make a bee line over to see Kate’s Circle of Friends blanket at The Garden Bell.  I couldn’t possibly describe how beautiful it is.   Its so Kate!


  1. ... off to visit the Garden Bell... so so curious .^_^.
    Have a great new week! xx

  2. I was admiring that one, too. ^^ Gorgeous!

  3. Oh mercy me...isn't it something!!!! Wow!

  4. OK I'm off.
    See you later !

  5. Totally agree - I posted it too ☺

  6. I went to see it as well. It is a beautiful afghan. :)

  7. Kate has done so well with her Circle of Friends. What a fun thing to do!
    I just love the Blanket, I love the look of the yarn too!
    Hugs and thanks for sharing this Posy Linda!

  8. Posy Linda,

    I enjoyed my visit here today...good place to stop by. Thanks!

  9. Dear Posy Linda!
    First of all thanks for your lovely comments, they make me very happy. The thing I like most in this blog world is to be closer to so sweet crochet lover ladies all around our beautiful world. I have been learning so much with you.
    What beautiful blankets you found at The Garden Bell! I loved the explosion of colors.
    Yesterday I saw Pedro Almodóvar last movie “Los Abrazos Rotos”. If you enjoy watching movies Linda I suggest you to see it. Almodóvar knows how to use bright vibrant color with harmony.
    Have a good night with your beloved dog.

  10. Hi there! That is one gorgeous bit of crochet. I'm determined to teach myself to crochet this year. So far I have managed a rather wonky dish cloth and a couple of decent looking Granny Squares. This is some great inspiration.

  11. You've intrigued me I must go and see , thanks .

  12. Thank you for your comments :0)
    I've been and checked out that blanket,what a stunner ! thanks for the link .
    Jacquie x

  13. I just went to have a look, isn't it beautiful! Thank you so much for the link, what a fab blanket, and what a great blog she has. Your Posy is sooooo sweet, with that leaf on her head, such a gorgeous little doggy! Love Vanessa xxx

  14. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Yours is so VERY cute. I have always wanted to learn to crochet...someday!

  15. You are way tooooooooo sweet to include a linkie over here. I do like my C of F. It's been quite the crowd pleaser. I'm really filling in those NOTEs blog links over on Flickr. It's been so much fun to find new friends. Can't wait to see what you are up to next.