Posy (po-zee), n., pl -sies. 1. A flower, nosegay, or bouquet.
2. Archaic. A brief verse or sentimental phrase, especially one inscribed on a trinket or ring.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Annika and thank you too!

Today is Annika’s 28th birthday.
  hello-kitty-1 for annika seelenfein 082110
Annika has a happy little blog named Seelenfein and the header reads “everything that is good for the soul.”   Annika is a fan of Hello Kitty so I could not resist including this little dancing kitty in honor of her birthday.  I read that Annika lives with her little daughter and sweet Mr. Seelenfein in Germany.

It never ceases to amaze me how many wonderful and interesting people you meet in the blogging world!

In addition to the birthday wishes I also wanted to thank Annika for awarding Posy Linda its second blog award!
2_award from seelenfein 082110
I am so happy to find a new friend through my blogging adventure.
Thank you Annika!  thanks_graphics_29


  1. Oh sweet Linda and Posy, thanks for your lovely words (and the E-Card), it honour me, that you write over my blog here at your blog. Thanks!

    Send you many hugs,
    your friend Annika

  2. A happy Hello Kitty birthday is a perfect way to send a greeting across the ocean to friends afar...
    It is amazing how we are all connected by the click of a mouse.
    In the beginning of my blogging journey there was a frenzy to comment on all others' blogs who came to visit... now I find that those with something in common have found each other and settled into a unique sharing of hopes and dreams.
    Susan x

  3. Posy Linda,
    The award is well deserved and you are truly a blogger friend.

  4. Well done Linda!
    Hope you had a good weekend,
    Hugs Suex

  5. Congratulations and much deserved :)

  6. What happy sweet post! Love the jumping Hello Kitty!!
    Have a wonderful week ahead. xx

  7. Congratulations on the award
    Thanks for popping by and glad you like the spike stitch flower...easy and fun to make
    Hugs Suz x

  8. Congratulations! Hope you have had a great weekend!
    Lucy xx

  9. Hi Sweetheart ! How are you ...I bit you are Ok.Thanks for your visits , they are my everyday support ( medicine ).Talking about the patterns , well you can find plenty and free in Picassa Albums ,I have some links in my Blog list.Just look carefully.Many ideas in Picassa.
    I had a wonderful weekend with my family .You can see it in my blog , I posted few pictures including Mom pictures.Everyone said we both are looking alike....then you tell me.Thanks for being so kind. Congratulations for the award , you deserved it.Blessings !!!!


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